Indian Clubs of The Iz

Last Updated 12/26/2015

clubs grouped



2.5lb - Carved Clubs - 1.13 kg

I love these clubs. These I keep in an area for display though they are a delight to swing. They have a solid feel to them and appear heavier then they look compared with similer shape clubs. Nice weight for the tallness and compactness of the club. Not sure of the wood except it is a hardwood. 20.5" Tall


12 lb - Sim D Kehoe Club circa 1870s - 5.44kg

Desiccated weight 9.5lbs - 4.31kgs

Sim D. Kehoe brought Indian Clubs to the USA from Britain after observing British soldiers and strong men use them. In 1862, he opened a New York shop to manufacture clubs. At the time he was a seller of excercise apparatus and saw a market to promote and expand. In 1866, Kehoe published Indian Club Exercise, a beautifully illustrated book showing the benefits of swinging, with two aspects of significance. Firstly, he distinguished between the short, light-weight club - a one to four pound club used in the popular Don Walker's and Dio Lewis' callisthenic drills. Secondly, Kehoe distinguished the long heavy Clubs for building strength. Light-weight clubs became the Ivy-league vogue in popular Victorian culture, and heavy leverage lifting was eventually phased out through social pressure.  28" Tall

I have yet to see a Kehoe club this large any where else.

8lb - Sim D Kehoe Club circa 1870s - 3.63kg

Dessicated weight 6.5lbs - 2.95kgs

These clubs are a perfect design for their weight. They lend a nice momentum to your swings. Well proportioned with a nice handle thickness. 26" Tall

A delight to swing. These are imbued with "Wabi-sabi" 

8 LB - Rosewater Kinetics- 3.63kg

These have a carved handle design that facilitates grip. They are made out of solid Sugar Maple that was seasoned and dried.

They are very comfortable swinginging clubs that are good for doing a long session of swinging. 25" Tall

I have to say that I love these clubs.

If you want custom turned clubs: Contact Mike at Rosewater Kinetics.

1 lb Model B.S. -A. G. Spalding Clubs - .45 kg

The Spalding company was founded in 1876 by Albert Spalding who was a pitcher and the manager of a baseball team in Chicago. The company standardized early baseballs and developed the modern baseball bat with the bulge at its apex. In 1892, Spalding acquired Wright & Ditson a rival sporting goods companies. 15" Tall

These are great to use for a Ball and Socket grip to perform hand circles, reels etc

These are images of the same clubs except I refinished the clubs on the right. Just a cleaning with soap/water and application of Howards wax and feed.

3/4 lb Model E.S.- A.G. Spalding - .34 kg

These clubs are perfect for light club swinging and learning new movements. The E.S Model has a lower center of mass design.

The older models 1876 - 1890s use the A.G in front of Spalding. 15" Tall

3/4 lb Model B.S.- A.G. Spalding - .34 kg

15" Tall

1/2 lb Model E- Spalding Gold Medal- . 2268kg

Very fast spinning clubs. Other then a plastic club this should be the lightest made.

2 lb - Spalding Gold Medal - .91kg

I like these clubs. The handle is thicker then most 2 lb clubs and the knob is also larger and not a round style. You get a good grip with these so you tend to use more wrist action to turn. Most important these clubs feel good. 18" tall

I'll carry these when I am going for an excercise walk swinging them or just holding "To Order".


1.5 lb - Spaulding Gold Medal - .68kg

The Spaulding Gold Medal Clubs deserve the name. Always an excellent swinging club.  18" tall



3 lb - Spalding Clubs - 1.36 kg

I had to totaly refinish theses clubs to make them usable. When I got them they were stained and not sealed. After swinging your hand would be stained red. I used a wet strip solution then resealed with polyurethane. Not the proper way to treat antiques, but the only way to get use out of these. Very nice swinging clubs. 20" Tall

3 lb - Spalding Model E.S.  - 1.36kg

These have a very low center of mass so they swing heavier then they actually are.

Great swinging clubs    21" Tall


4 lb - Spalding Clubs - 1.8 kg

 Nice Tall clubs giving a lower center of mass. They swing nice.  21" Tall

2.5 lb - Antique Clubs - 1.14 kg

At the present time these are my favorite Indian Clubs to swing on a daily basis. 18" Tall


2 lb - Wright & Ditson Clubs - .091 kg

Founded in 1871 by Baseball Hall of Famer George Wright and Boston businessman Henry Ditson, the company began as a purveyor of tennis, golf and baseball equipment. The company was known for its precision craftsmanship from tennis rackets to golf clubs – and by the turn of the century, baseball equipment after the acquisition by Spalding. These clubs are well made with a very tight grain and the design gives it a lower center of mass for nice swinging.  18.5" tall

1.5 lb - Wright & Ditson Clubs - .68 kg

I have come to appreciatte the design of these clubs. They have a nicely shaped knob and are balanced well. Swing ultra smooth. The Maple wood is a good quality and has maintaind its moisture.  17 1/2" Tall



2 lb - Victor Overman Wheel Co. Clubs - .91 kg

A. H. Overman (1850- ?) Albert H. Overman was a colonel in the U.S.A army. In 1881 he moved to Hartford and formed the Overman Wheel Company, O.W.C. contracting with the Ames Manufacturing Company, a maker of amunition arms and sewing machines in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts to make his machines. In 1885 Overman made the famous Victor bicycles, named after is father. Albert made periodical visits to England, in 1885 A. H. Overman, and R. Philip Gormully —traveled to England for one of their periodic surveys of the business. The next year Overman, began producing America’s first chain-driven bicycle the following year. 20" Tall

1Lb - Lowe & Campbell Clubs - .454 kg

Lowe and Campbell Athletic Goods was a sports equipment manufacturer and retailer based in Kansas City, Missouri until 1931 when it was acquired by Wilson Sporting Goods. 16.5 " tall

1 lb - Wilson - .454 kg

The Wilson Sporting Goods Company is a sports equipment manufacturer based in Chicago Illinois and currently is a foreign subsidiary of the Finnish company Amer Sports.The company traces its roots to the Schwarzchild & Sulzberger company (later changed to Sulzbeger & Son's) based in New York City that operated meat packing plants in New York, Chicago and Kansas City. In 1915, Thomas E. Wilson was appointed President and renamed the company Thomas E. Wilson Company.  It acquired the Chicago Sporting Goods Company and struck a deal to supply the Chicago Cubs. In 1925, it was renamed Wilson-Western Sporting Goods

1 lb - Narragansett Machine Co. - .454kg

This company dates back to 1882, and probably earlier. In their first few years of existence their list of products included woodworking lathes. An 1888 ad in Scribner's magazine is for exercise equipment.An 1894 article in New England magazine mentions that this company had a complete display of exercise and gymnasium equipment at the World's Fair. Various correspondents have reported objects from this maker: tennis racquet; wooden handscrews (parallel-jaw clamps with wooden jaws and wooden threaded rods); exercise bicycles, including a pair of bicycles connected together to allow them to "race"; wooden barbells; juggling pins; parallel bars.  15" tall

These are excellent for different finger grip holds for light weight club swinging and hand cirlces.

A little to short though for swinging.

1 lb - Columbia - .454 kg

Supposed to be a matched pair, but they turned out not to be. You need to be carefull purchasing antiques. 15.5" Tall

2 lb - Gold Coin - .91 kg

I can find nothing about this make club. However it is a great swinging club.   18" tall

3/4 lb - Medart Club - .34kg

From the Fred Medart Manufacturing Co. in St. Louis Missouri. They started production in 1930. They were makers of steel shelving but, had a division that made cabinets for Indian Clubs and Dumbells. This might be a promotion production to help sell cabinets. 13" tall

1lb - MedArt Clubs - .454kg

Massed produced clubs that have a nice feel to them. Big knob.

2 lb - Stubby Clubs - .91 kg

These clubs are short for 2lbs. They don't get much momentum when swinnging and require more wrist action.

Tear Drop Laminated Clubs

These are great swinging clubs. I use these for relaxing the shoulder girdle after a heavy work out. Helps to stretch the tendons and move the lactic acid out. Their low center of mass gives a speedy swing. They appear to be a Maple and Walnut wood. 16" Tall

2 Lb - Gamage Holborn- Tear Drop - .91 kg

Gamages was a department store in London from 1881 to 1972 selling literly everything.These are a blast to swing. The very low Center of Mass gives a feel that the clubs are swinging themselves.  21" tall

2 lb - Tear Drop - .91kg


1.5 lb - Antique Clubs - .68 kg

Nice swinging clubs with the round knob.  16" Tall

5 lb - Antique Gold Banded Clubs- 2.27 kg

Dessicated weight 4.5lbs - 2.04kgs

Excellent swinging clubs.  24" Tall with a long neck.

6 lb - Antique Clubs - 2.72 kg

Dessicated weight   5lbs - 2.27kgs

A tall club with a long neck and not that heavy for its size make these a great swing pair of Antiques. Everyone that picks them up to swing says they flow through the air with the greatest of ease. 25" tall

4 lb - Antique Clubs - 1.8 kg

Clubs were hand made and as this pair shows there could be a subtle difference between what is supposed to be a matched pair. You can feel a difference between the two clubs swinging them if you are looking for it. One club weighs 4lbs and the other one is 3.6lbs  21" Tall

6 lb - Antique White Clubs - 2.72 kg

Dessicated weight 6lbs. The paint keeps them from drying out and adds some weight.

One of my favorite pair for general swinging. Similar to the 4lb & 6lb clubs above in design.  23" Tall

3 lb - Antique Clubs - 1.36 kg

I like to walk a few times a week for an hour but, when I do walk, I walk with these clubs and practice while walking. They appear to be made out of Maple. 21" Tall


2 lb - Antique Clubs - .91 kg

Lovely swinging clubs. Nice solid feel to them.

1.5 lb - Antique Clubs - .68 kg

These have seen a lot of use. Always loved a tall light weight club.   18" Tall

Sport Craft Club

From the 1970s -80s era from Belgium

Painted Club

There is a whole branch of Indian Clubs with "Folk Art" Painting that are collected for their art work. Of note here is the technique for balamcing the weight between a pair of clubs where a hole is drilled till the desired weight was reached.


3 lb - Antique Single Club - 1.36 kg

I just love the wood in this club. Feels great. Has a brass Knob at top. The tall light weight club swings wonderfully. 23" tall

2lb - Antique Club - .91 kg

Nice antique solid wood club.

3 lb - Antique Club - 1.36 kg

3 lb - Antique Single Club - 1.36 kg

This has lost some weight to to aging of the wood.So it's somewhat light for a tall club. Swings comfortably. The knob is a little more oval then round.  20.5" Tall

Antique Single Club

This is a very light weight club at around 3/4 lbs. Made of some light strong wood like Ash 17"

Rx Motions

Thank you Dr Thomas.  16.5" tall

Purpleheart Armory Clubs

Purple heart was the name used before they changed toRevoultion Clubs

2 lb/.91 kg   18" Tall

5 lb/2.27 kg    22" Tall

10 lb/4.54 kg    25" Tall

11 lb - Ageless Strength Meels - 5 kg

Excellent made clubs. Balance and handle are near perfect

12 lb - Revolution Meel Clubs - 5.44 kg

These are wonderfull swinging heavy Persian Meel style clubs.  30.5" Tall

Revolution Clubs

All these 1/2 lb clubs are Great swinging clubs. They have a longer handle taper and a lower center of mass. The laminated woods make them very pretty clubs.

1.5 lb/ .68 kg    18" Tall

4.5 lb/2.04 kg     22.5" Tall

These just swing great. Again a longer handle and taper with more weight at the end hence a lower center of mass.

7.5 lb/3.4 kg  26.5" Tall

9.5 lb/4.32 kg    27" Tall

3Lb - Revolution Clubs - 1.36kg

I don't like these clubs. The handle is too thick, the weigh is not low enough, and they just don't swing great. Still swing them at times as that is what they are there for.  20" Tall

It happens from time to time.

The Indian Club Work Shop


Paul Imada ( Kancho) Carved Clubs

Paul Imada carved these clubs by hand. Each club took 20 hours to carve. The first set is a 3lb. Indian Club with Monstera motif. The second set is a 5lb. Indian Club with Hibiscus motif. They are Revolution Clubs made of white oak. These are just beautiful

clubs from a very talented polymath.

Kanchos' Koi Carved Clubs

According to Japanese legend, if a Koi succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon.  Based on that legend, the Koi became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement.  Also perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose.  Koi also is symbolic of family, love, kokoro (heart) and good luck


These are Sim D Kehoe clubs That Paul Imada has in his collection. Very rare clubs. The replica is a club made by Mike Simpson from Sheffield England.